Wire EDM

Industrial components manufactured by SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES using the wire EDM process are used in the automotive, electronics, electrical engineering and medical technology sectors.

Complex part geometries in one production step

Using wire erosion, the most complex components can be produced in just one production step. 

The EDM machines from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES handle a multitude of different processes. An electric spark cuts conductive materials such as steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum, copper, graphite or conductive ceramics. The spark erosive machining enables the production of the most delicate components with extreme accuracy and high cutting speeds.



Advantages of wire erosion

Wire EDM works on all conductive materials regardless of their hardness. Even with a very large material thickness, extremely thin cuts can be realized by means of wire EDM. This allows extremely precise shaping and dimensional accuracy to be met.

  • Production of high-precision parts possible
  • Highest geometry complexity
  • Highest surface quality (no post-processing necessary)
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Production of sharp-edged pockets and holes possible
  • No mechanical material removal (virtually lossless processing)
  • No tooling costs
  • No interruption
  • Highest cutting speed
  • Smallest possible tolerances

How wire erosion works

Wire erosion is a precise cutting process for electrically conductive materials and belongs to the area of spark erosion. It is also referred to as electrical discharge machining (EDM).

A series of electrical voltage pulses generates sparks which transfer material from the workpiece to a continuous wire and into the separating medium.

Due to the extreme accuracy and the high surface quality, it is possible to produce filigree components at high-speed. The method is therefore particularly suitable for the production of precision components with high quality requirements.


Wire EDM - Discover the possibilities

Wire EDM is suitable for both prototype and mass production. For the smallest precision parts as well as for extremely large workpieces - the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Smallest radii

Wire EDM (EDM) cuts radii up to 0.025mm, making it the ultimate alternative for manufacturing micro parts.

Most complex forms

EDM makes it easy to crop complex shapes.

Hardest materials

Even difficult-to-mill materials such as titanium, conductive ceramics or molybdenum can be processed well by wire EDM.



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Wire EDM

For highest demands in terms of dimensional accuracy - high-precision industrial components made by SCHWEIZER technologies.

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