Plastic injection molding

With our high-performance tools, we manufacture high-precision technical plastic parts as well as plastic-metal composite parts from all common thermoplastic materials as well as bondable surfaces, galvanized and un-galvanized punched strips.

Range of services

In addition to the production of pure plastic injection molded parts, we specialize in the production of plastic-metal composite parts. In particular, the automotive, power electronics and medical industries today place high demands on product quality and service life.

Our Product portfolio

Among other products, we manufacture for our customers:

  • Plugs and connectors
  • Housing units
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Mechanical components for the control and power electronics
  • Components for switching, control and connection functions
  • Mechanical and mechatronic functional components
  • Complex connection systems

Depending on the customer's wishes and cost-effectiveness, our plastic-metal composite components are manufactured using fully and semi-automatic production cells with handling systems or by means of manual assembly processes.



Our expertise

at a glance

  • Plastic injection molded parts up to a size of 500mm
  • Plastic housings
  • Technical plastic injection molded parts for vehicle construction
  • Plastic injection molded parts for medical technology
  • Plastic injection molded parts for power electronics
  • Plastic-metal composite parts for vehicle construction
  • Plastic-metal composite parts for medical technology
  • Plastic-metal composite parts for power electronics
  • Plastic injection molded parts for small series
  • Injection molds
  • Production and assembly of plastic assemblies and plastic-metal composite parts

Example plastic-metal composite parts

  • Overmoulded metal parts
  • Welded metal plastic parts
  • Riveted metal plastic parts


Injection materials

In our injection molding machines, we can process almost any plastic material. Among other things, we process, for example:

  • Polyolefins such as PE, PP and PBT
  • PVC (soft and hard)
  • ABS, PC (transparent)
  • Polyamides
  • Plastics with fillers such as GF, GK, V0
  • Minerals, TPE, TPU in different Shore hardnesses
  • PS (polystyrene)



Only high-quality injection molding machines, such as Machines from the brands ARBURG and ENGEL are being applied in our plastic injection molding business unit – with regard to rotary table machines we trust in quality brands like for instance DEMAG and BATTENFELD.

Injection molded parts can be produced from a part weight of 0.1g to 1.000g. For this purpose, injection molding machines with clamping forces of 10 to 600 tons are available.



Finest precision in

Finest precision in


SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection molded parts for power electronics - of course including post-processing and assembly of entire components.


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