Patented punching technology

feed-free punching technology

A manufacturing process patented by SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES

Economical production of complex part geometries

Our new, patented manufacturing process allows a minimum of processing steps to manufacture a component. Even complex part geometries can be manufactured without further subsequent mechanical processes.

Tool technologies at the highest level enable a novel, selective transformation of the raw material. This way, ready-to-install parts can be produced with a minimum of work steps.


Patented manufacturing process

With our new intelligent process, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES has developed a manufacturing method that allows the deformation to be controlled in such a way that the punching mechanism can be reduced to an absolute minimum. We were granted the patent for this manufacturing process.

Advantages of our patented manufacturing process

The drawless punching technology enables a significant saving of further processing steps as well as the saving of raw material or the enlarging of the cooling surfaces by up to 20%.

Feed free punching technology


The advantages

  • Reduction of the feed radius to smaller than 0.2mm
  • Applicable for material thicknesses from 0.5mm to 12mm
  • Applicable to all copper-based materials
  • No increased production costs

Industries and areas of application

  • Stamping technology for the automotive market
  • Punching technology for electronics and electrical engineering
  • Punching technology for the medical industry


Economical, solid and functionally superior

Our patented processes enable a non-cutting and burr-free pressing of recesses. Due to the increased stability components can be designed with less material usage and more compact design and consequently be realized with less weight.

Our patented manufacturing process is ready for series production. From small series to large series, components can be produced on a highest economical level. The result: cost-effective manufacturing and most stable and functionally superior components.

Feed free punching technology




Punching Technology

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES has developed a new patented manufacturing process using sophisticated forming technologies.


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