Copper Machining

High-end copper processing technology - Due to its unique properties, copper offers endless possibilities for designers and manufacturers.

Custom copper components

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is one of the leading suppliers in the field of custom copper component manufacturing. In numerous industries, we supply customers worldwide with precision copper components. We source our copper alloys exclusively from reputable suppliers with high quality standards.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision copper components, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures simple copper components as well as complex copper components with, for example, high load requirements. The production takes place after request either in turning and milling or in the tumbling process.

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Manufacturing processes

Depending on requirements, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures customized copper components in turning and milling or in cold forming process.

CNC machining and cold forming

With the latest CNC machines, we manufacture precision copper components to exact and tight tolerance standards. As an alternative to CNC production, cold rolling is available as a cold forming process. A large number of copper components can be produced much more cost-effectively by means of cold forming. In fact, no material loss occurs during cold forming - in addition, machining time can often be significantly reduced.

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Material copper

Copper –in pure or alloyed form– is a common material as well as high-tech carrier component. Thanks to its versatility, copper and its alloys are used in almost every field. Large parts of industry, transport, energy and electrical engineering as well as craft use copper materials in an almost unmanageable variety.

Copper alloys

Demanding industries require components made from the purest copper, usually oxygen-free copper with a high conductivity. SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES shapes and processes such copper components from a wide range of copper alloys, including:

  • Zirconium-copper (CuZr)
  • Copper-tellurium (CuTe)
  • Copper-chromium-zirconium (CuCrZr)
copper components


Advantages of the material copper

The material copper offers numerous advantages: In addition like the material silver, copper has the best electrical conductivity among metals. However, copper is preferred over silver because of its lower costs for use in industrial applications. Further advantages of the material copper are:

  • Long-life cycle
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy and good processability
  • Excellent forming properties
  • Recyclability

Another important advantage of copper is its recyclability. Copper can be recycled without loss of quality and added back to the production process.



SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES – specialist for copper processing

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES stands for first-class machining technology in the production of copper milled parts. In addition, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures copper parts with a significant price advantage by means of the tumble press process.

Although copper is one of the most difficult materials to process - with over 30 years of experience in copper machining, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES has specialist know-how and innovative manufacturing processes to deliver the highest quality at competitive prices.

The production in series, small and large series, as well as single piece production are commonplace with us. Of course, we also provide just-in-time delivery on customer request. Product quality planning, quality management, control plans and, last but not least, the ISO 9001 certification, ensure a flawless and error-free production at SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES.

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES accompanies its customers from product and tool development via first series to the production of small, medium or mass quantities.

Industrial copper component


High end

High end

Copper machining

The material copper offers infinite possibilities for designers and manufacturers due to its unique properties.


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