Cold forming / Cold extrusion

Cold forming

Most economical and raw material-economical manufacturing process of complex components.

Most economical manufacturing of complex part geometry

The cold forming process enables a minimum of processing steps for the production of a component. Even complex part geometries can be produced without further subsequent mechanical processes.

Sophisticated stepped press tools enable targeted forming of the starting material. Due to the characteristic cold hardening, a subsequent heat treatment is no longer necessary. In this way, ready-to-install parts can be produced with minimal work steps.


Industries and areas of application

Components manufactured by SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES using the cold forming process are used in the following industries:

  • Cold forming for the automotive market
  • Cold forming for the electronics industry
  • Cold forming for the medical industry
  • Cold forming for almost all metal industries
Cold forming


Complex part geometries in a single production step

By means of cold forming, the most complex components can be produced in just one production step. By intelligently combining individual work processes, such as deep drawing, pressing, rolling and/or rolling, finished components can be produced in just a single operation - of course also with different wall thicknesses.


Proven 100,000 times

Every year, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures up to 100,000 components using the cold forming process. Our proven manufacturing process, cold forming or cold extrusion, is based on high quality standards and thus guarantees value retention and a consistent quality class.

Cold forming Cold pressing


Economical, stable and functionally superior

Our forming process enables chipless and burr-free pressing of recesses. In addition, the strength of the component increases with each forming. Due to the increased stability, components with less material input and more compact design can be designed and consequently realized with less weight.

We have brought our manufacturing process to series maturity. This allows us to produce economically from small series to large industrial series. The result: economical production, the most stable and functionally superior components.

Cold pressing metal components


Cold extrusion

Cold extrusion

Cold forming

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is a specialist in cold forming, also known as cold extrusion.


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