BIZON Technology

For applications with the highest demands on current carrying capacity and permanent reliability - using BIZON press-in technology, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures high-precision functional components for optimal electrical connections.

BIZON® press-in technology

Innovative solderless connection technology

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES uses BIZON® press-in technology to manufacture innovative, solderless connections for industries with high demands on current conductivity and long-term reliability, such as industrial electronics or the automotive industry.

BIZON press-in technology is a solderless, electromechanical connection method. Elastically deformable contact pins are pressed into holes in metallized printed circuit boards. A gas-tight, permanently excellent conductive connection is created between the press-in pin and the hole wall. Result: A high quality, solderless electrical connections.

As an elastic contact, the BIZON contact offers the largest possible cross-section within a circuit board hole with outstanding contact properties. Another special feature: using the same manufacturing technology, both a non-releasable press-in contact and a releasable plug contact can be realized.

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Possible BIZON connection types

  • Die-cut BIZON contacts
  • Single pin assembly
  • Power strips
  • PCB connector
  • Pin headers
  • High current bus bars
  • Overmolded housing
  • Hybrid components / metal-plastic composite parts

Possible BIZON contact sizes

  • 0,4 mm
  • 0,6 mm
  • 0,8 mm
  • 1,0 mm
  • 1,2 mm
  • 1,5 mm
  • 2,0 mm

Metal / plastic composite parts with BIZON press-in technology

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES can of course also manufacture complete assemblies. The in-house plastic injection molding business unit enables BIZON contacts to be overmoulded. Using our own tool and mold construction, we develop, design and manufacture prototypes as well as the most complex metal-plastic BIZON connectors.

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Advantages of BIZON press-in technology

What is so special about BIZON press-fit technology? BIZON technology offers countless advantages:

  • Better current carrying capacity than with conventional plug connections
  • Higher current carrying capacity with a smaller space requirement on the circuit board
  • Possible increase in miniaturization by saving space on the circuit board by up to 50%
  • Higher reliability (up to 30 times more reliable than a standard SMT solder joint)
  • Sheet thicknesses from 0.2 mm to 2 mm possible
  • Low press-in force
  • High holding forces of more than 150 N
  • Possibility of easy disassembly and repair
  • Cost advantages in the manufacturing process
  • Rapid adjustment of the holding forces when, for example, changing the material on the circuit board
  • Virtually no change in resistance even after extreme loads (approx. 0.5m Ω for conventional standard parts - approx. 4µ Ω for BIZON)
  • no tin layer necessary for lubrication
  • no thermal stress on the PCB and the electronic components
  • no soldering defects, no flux problems
  • PCB assembly possible on both sides
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BIZON technology in detail

Best connection quality between connector and PCB and optimum force distribution - BIZON technology explained in detail, as well as the resulting advantages.

High current with simultaneous miniaturization: The large conductor cross-section of the BIZON contact in the hole in the circuit board enables better current flow with simultaneous miniaturization. Compared to conventional connection contacts, the BIZON contact enables ...

Best high-current conductivity

  • ...with the same current and the same material: 50% space saving on the circuit board
  • with the same current, the same material and the same contact thickness: 36% space saving on the circuit board
  • with the same PCB area: double current flow


Optimal power distribution in the circuit board: The BIZON contact distributes the contact forces evenly, radially on the circuit board. The four contact points each press radially in all four directions at 25%. Conventional plug connections do not distribute the contact forces radially and thus lead to a summation of the forces in two directions and thus to the expansion of the printed circuit board. The BIZON contact, on the other hand:

Optimum force distribution

  • distributes the contact forces evenly
  • centers itself within the circuit board
  • adapts to the PCB hole
  • develops no torque, no tangential movement and no kinking in the hole.


Fast, cost-effective adaptation to modified PCBs thanks to adjustable contact force.

Fast, cost-effective adaptatio

The adjustable contact force is the unique selling point of the BIZON contact. If the material of the printed circuit board changes, the contact must be adjusted. The BIZON contact is adapted to the new holding force at shorest notice. This saves development time and costs. By simply shortening the spring area, the contact force increases - by extending the spring area, the contact force decreases.


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Product development

From prototype to series production

All essential influencing parameters are specified in the product development phase. These include, for example, base material, press-fit geometry and surface coating. During the production of the prototypes, these are analyzed and, if necessary, the geometry of the BIZON contacts is adjusted according to the respective requirements.

A series like production of sample parts takes place already in our own in-house prototype construction business unit. After final approval, the pilot series can take place and afterwards series production can follow seamlessly - of course including continuous monitoring of the influencing factors specified at the beginning.

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Quality control

Comprehensive quality assurance checks

Of course, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES carries out all the essential tests for assessing the BIZON press-in connection in the in-house laboratory:

  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Visual inspections with 3D microscope
  • Press-in and push-out force analysis
  • Grinding test and evaluation
  • Volume resistance analysis
  • Temperature change analysis (short-term and long-term)
  • Whisker check

The essential parameters are tested in accordance with DIN EN 60352-5. Of course, other customer-specific test specifications are possible. To meet the highest quality requirements, we only use the latest testing methods. Our quality assurance is exemplary and guarantees continuous series quality - component by component.

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BIZON technology

BIZON contacts by SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES - Maximum current carrying capacity, solder-free connection and free choice of materials.


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