Base Plate Technology

Specially developed for optimum thermal performance:

Base plate technology

Excellent thermal performance

High-performance modules in electronics, energy or power electronics require excellent thermal performance. First-class cooling is crucial for durable and reliable operation. Our base plates for high-performance electronic components offer optimum heat dissipation. Our portfolio includes:

  • Standard base plates
  • customized base plates
  • IGBT base plates

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in design and manufacture of custom base plates, standard base plates and specialty cold plates. With individual part geometries, we increase long-term reliability and thermal efficiency in the cooling of electronic systems and power components from a wide range of industries.

Base Plates


Possible areas of use

Base plates from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES are ideal for use in power electronic systems with high currents and voltages, such as:

  • High performance electronics
  • Power supply
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Inverter
  • Inverters for wind and solar technology
  • Converter
  • Traction inverter
  • DC transmission systems
  • Motor vehicles
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Traction drives
  • Agricultural machinery
  • High-power industrial drives
  • Data centers
  • CPU, GPU
  • Coolers
  • ...
Cooling plates


Advantages of base plates from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES

Base plates from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES are individually developed for components with high cooling requirements. The benchmark for development is always an increase in the capacity of heat dissipation for the realization of a higher component performance. In detail this means:

  • Reduction of the coefficient of thermal expansion to a minimum.
  • Minimal mechanical stresses in the connecting solder layer after the soldering process.
  • Almost complete elimination of possible time-dependent relaxation of the solder.
  • Due to innovative shaping of the base plate optimally virtually no bending of the power component due to thermal fluctuations.
  • Optimization of the efficiency of power components.

Material, material thickness, geometry, design and surface of the base plates are realized according to customer-specific requirements. In particular, the flat surface with special quality in terms of flatness and roughness is decisive for optimum heat dissipation.

Base Plates from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES enable:

  • maximizing the process performance and service life of the power components
  • realization of power components with smaller size and higher performance
Base Plate


Product development

From prototype to series production

All essential, functionally relevant influencing parameters are already specified in the product development phase. These include, for example, thermal resistance, component temperature, ambient temperature, base material, component geometry and surface finish. During the production of the prototypes, all parameters are analyzed and, if necessary, adjusted according to the respective requirements.

In-house prototype construction is already used for the near-series production of sample parts. After final approval, the zero series can be produced seamlessly and series production can then start - of course including continuous monitoring of the influencing parameters specified at the beginning.

Base Plates - Cooling Plates




Base Plates

Base Plates from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES: for maximum thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems and power components.


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