Industrial components for military applications

Civil and military application technology

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES develops and manufactures precision components, high-performance plastic-metal composite parts as well as complete system components for use in civil and military applications.

Innovation, technology and reliability

Military application technology is one of the most exciting sectors of the economy, just like civil application technology. Countless developments that are now standard solutions in civilian business have their origins in military development: Today's Internet was born from the military Arpanet. Karl Elsener's soldier's knife gave rise to the Swiss Army knife. The "Aviator" pilot's glasses are the forerunner of Ray-Ban glasses. Today's mobile phone network, headphones and microphone origined from the wireless radio technology of 1914.

The military industrial complex is undoubtedly one of the biggest drivers of innovation and technology. The highest standards in terms of innovation, technology, methods and development are required. But above all, 100% reliability.

SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES manufactures high-precision industrial parts and components for implementation in innovative civil and military application technology products.

Industrial components for the defense industry


Wide range of applications

Our components are used in all areas of military application technology. For example, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES develops and manufactures industrial components in the field of optical sensor technology: In the field of night vision, components and parts from SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES are installed in the latest generation of residual light amplifiers.

Areas of application

  • Sensors
  • Maritime systems
  • Military Logistics
  • Radar
  • ...

High-tech with long service life

Our components not only guarantee outstanding robustness, reliability, resilience and shock resistance.

Our customers in the field of military application technology benefit from components that guarantee their high-tech functionalities in the long term and ensure the reliability of difficult, technological applications.

Applications for the

Applications for the

military industry

Innovative industrial components specially designed to meet the high demands of military application technology


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