Industrial applications for the medical industry

Medical Industry

Highly precise functional components manufactured on the basis of modern technologies for medical applications with high requirements.

Individually and with the highest precision


For the medical technology sector, such as MRI devices or spectroscopy applications, we design and manufacture individual medical components.

Produced to the nearest thousandths of an inch and with the most demanding product parameters, they fulfill the required functionalities in this sensitive area of application with the utmost reliability.


Application examples in the medical industry

  • Complex punched and bent parts with ultra-small tolerances and bends
  • Punching products with complex, finest forms in very thin material thicknesses
  • High-precision deep-drawn parts with the smallest dimensions
  • Stamped products with single-sided or double-sided embossed pins / combined with bends
Applications for medical industry

For the highest quality standards

Highest quality medical components


SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is a leading manufacturer of micro metal parts and precision punched parts for the medical industry worldwide. The certified quality management system guarantees our customers care, reliability and precision.

We ensure this by a complete quality control of the final products and a quality assurance that pervades the entire procurement and production area.

Industrial components for medical industry
Applications for the

Applications for the

Medical Industry

Precision components for medical technology for the highest standards in terms of tolerances, durability and reliability


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