Core competencies


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precise. more precise. perfect.

The high art of precision

Since its foundation SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES has perfected the manufacturing of industrial high-precisioncomponents and parts with the aid of forming technology and precision forming.Among other things, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES also develops and manufactures precision components for the automotive and power electronics market - industrial sectors which place the highest demands on precision, form tolerance and surface quality. SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES is your partner for development and manufacturing of industrial precision components.

Methodical manufacturing process

Very efficient series production

Our special competence: the functionally-optimal and metallurgically-optimal series production. Our methodical process-development includes the detailed conception of the developmental phase, extending to production planning. Development, construction, tool manufacturing and assembly are closely intermeshed with each other.The result: An economical, efficient series production - ergo: high-precision, installation-ready component parts cost-efficiently manufactured.

Prototyping and engineering

From development to series production

For decades our part construction has been concentrated on the development of material-optimized design. It is one of the most important prerequisites for low unit costs. Part design and function are perfected with regard to manufacturing time and material usage.Within the prototyping phase, possible weak points are systematically identified and eliminated by methodical checking. Simultaneously, the part manufacturing process is already being checked in terms of cost-effectiveness. At SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES we bring compentent design, tool development and manufacturing into harmony with each other, such that an economical assembly process results: from development up to series production.

The quality assurance

Integral philosophy

To meet the highest quality requirements we use the most up-to-date test processes exclusively: For example the fully-automatic test with sensitive coordinate measuring systems, with additional optical final-part testing. During series production the individual operation steps are monitored systematically. Likewise the manufacturing process is subjected to further optimization processes, wherever improvement potentials should be identifiable. Our quality assurance is exemplary and guarantees consistent series-production quality - for each component.

Least materials usage

Cost-effectiveness in perfection

Component parts are produced from the smallest possible level of raw material. As early as at the stage of cutting the material into lengths, we provide for a minimum loss of material - if possible we eliminate it completely.During subsequent forming, the component part is provided with the corresponding shape. Also in this production stage, practically no material loss arises - for example with the completely chip-free and burr-free pressing of recesses.

Tool manufacturing for 60 years

In-house tool manufacturing

Since foundation of the company, SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES has relied on its in-house tool manufacturing. On the basis of customer sketches or finished-part design plans, our design department develops the tools necessary for production.Today our design engineers develop multi-stage tools which cut, shape and deburr in one single operating process. The objective in this case is always the minimization of the post-processing steps, in order to enable a manufacturing which is as economical as possible.


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